Wednesday, May 18, 2016


It was dry when the Gorse Fox got up. That didn't last. Within fifteen minutes the rain had started. The Gorse Fox knew he was destined to get wet.

Breakfast and coffee got the day off to decent start, and it actually started to dry up outside.

The Silver Vixen headed off for Pilates and the Gorse Fox soon followed. The drive across to Worthing took him through light showers. When he arrived, however, the heavens opened. The rain persisted throughout the game. We were all soaked through and as we moved across the pitch you could hear the sloshing of water in our boots. Despite the discomfort, the game was great fun and ended up all square at 2-2. The Gorse Fox was pleased he had thought to bring a change of clothes with him or it would have been a very cold an miserable drive home.

It dried up for a while and the sun came out. This made the Orangery a very cozy and comfortable spot for the afternoon. The rain has just started again now and the forecast is for a very wet evening.

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