Saturday, May 28, 2016


The Gorse Fox has been enjoying rationalising his lil, network, and backup systems. This is now complete and working as required. Next, the Gorse Fox will start on the Raspberry Pis and reconfigure them to fit the new scheme (not that any of them are actually in use at present).

The afternoon has brightened up nicely so the Gorse Fox will stop this keyboard activity and go outside to enjoy the sun.

On another topic. The England football over the last few days (against Turkey and then Australia) has been very average. As usual we are getting media hype about have a "real chance", but the Gorse Fox would observe that is not the case unless the team learns: a) to pass the ball; b) to stop the long speculative passes; c) to retain possession of the ball; d) to recover possession when its lost; e) to defend. Other than that, they'll do just fine.

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