Saturday, May 07, 2016

Big Screen

The feline alarm dragged the Gorse Fox from bed at 6:50. This seemed a bit harsh, but the Gorse Fox had plans. The plans, however, involved power tools and that wouldn't be neighbourly at that hour of the morning. The Gorse Fox would bide his time.

The project, mentioned before, was to build an additional screen and then attach a panel to the screen. The panel would be used to hang the mirrored planter that the Silver Vixen had purchased a few weeks ago.

The work bench was set up the tools prepared and the wood selected and measured. More to the point, the clamps were selected (as Norm says, you can never have too many clamps). The cutting and construction started... and, an hour or so later, all was done.

This will be enhanced with an additional planter on the central panel over the next few days. The Gorse Fox will also frame the panel with a small architrave and jam to give it some shadow-lines.

It was a gorgeous day, so when finished, the Gorse Fox and the Silver Vixen sat down in the sunshine, and stayed there. Indeed we stayed throughout the afternoon, had dinner out there, and only came in when the sun dropped behind the houses to our west.


Zoe said...

I can no longer see your pictures, it just has a grey "no entry" type drawing. 😢 xxx

Zoe said...

Since 1st May if that helps zxx

The Gorse Fox said...

Hopefully that has sorted it out. Can you look back over the last month to see if there are any others that don't show. Then let me know (they all show on mine).

Zoe said...

Can see this one now. Still can't see 1st or 5th may. Otherwise can see the rest. Xxx