Sunday, May 15, 2016

Back at Ford

Sunday morning - bright but a chill wind. It was nice to think that we would be playing football in indoor Arena. We had an even 5-a-side and the game kicked off with some lovely passing and decent football from both teams. The Gorse Fox was playing sweeper and keeper so was kept pretty busy for the hour. It was high scoring non-stop game, but in the end we were pipped at the post by a couple of goals. It was great to be back at the indoor arena. Very much the Gorse Fox's favourite venue.

Back home the house was empty as the Silver Vixen had made her way to the garden centre to get some more bedding plants and compost. She spent the afternoon siting and planting these as, slowly, the garden takes she for the summer.

The Gorse Fox spent some time on the computer. (He has and almost pathological dislike for getting his hands dirty). The travel agent had sent us a batch of emails with various offers regarding a Far East trip and the Gorse Fox thought that it would make sense to combine all the info into one spreadsheet and make comparison easier. Reviewing them all, he is not sure there is a striking difference between them, other than price. The question is really whether we proceed with this option, stick to Thailand, or do something completely different. As Cousteau-Cub and the Coventry Hobbit could only join us for a part of the time, it might be better to find something else.

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