Friday, April 15, 2016

The Tower

Trevor had got us all a reservation at the 360 Restaurant. This is a rotating restaurant that sits atop the CN Tower looking out over Toronto and Lake Ontario. 

We were informed that it was so clear that we should be able to see to Niagara and Rochester N.Y., as we rocketed to the top in the glass-sided elevator.

We were shown to our table and settled down, trying to drink in the incredible view. The menu seemed irrelevant while we got used to the vast panorama. The camera started to click as we slowly rotated. 

The menu became relevant and we all selected various dishes. The Gorse Fox had a delicious shrimp cocktail to begin with, then followed this up with pork tenderloin. He chose well. The Silver Vixen also started with the shrimp, but she had a prime rib as her entree. 

We continued to rotate round toward the lake side, and then on to the west as the sun was setting.

At dusk the lights started to come on and the whole of Toronto became a fairyland of twinkling lights, tail lights, and buildings that were illuminated to make a statement. Wonderful. It was also different as it gave more definition and depth to the cityscape.

Finally, we had to go. We got to the bottom jus as the Toronto BlueJays baseball game was over so we joined the vast throng walking the streets of Toronto - clearly we would not be getting a cab! It only took about 20 minutes to get back to hotel, so it wasn't too much of a problem and it was nice to get some fresh air and walk off some of the superb dinner.

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