Thursday, April 14, 2016

Out and about

After an leisurely breakfast, the Gorse Fox and Trev wandered down to the car rental Del in one of the underground concessions along The Path. The Gorse Fox picked up a very nice, brand new, Hyundai Sonata and was soon heading back to the hotel parking lot where it was destined to stay for the day.

We grabbed a taxi and set off for a wander round the Distillary. This was once the centre for distilling in Toronto, but is now a chic collection of outlets, pubs, coffee shops and so forth. 

We were early so it was very quiet, but you can imagine it being a real magnet for the locals later in the day, and a Covent Garden-like feel. We wandered round various stores and stopped at a chocolate factory for some coffee whilst watching the staff making the confectionary.

Back Downtown we dropped down into The Path. We wanted some groceries and knew where there was a deli. We also took the opportunity to grab s snack for lunch as we watch the office workers rushing by.

The afternoon saw us heading out of town. We were finally getting to see Beloved Aunt.

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