Friday, April 01, 2016

Old Friends

It is so nice to meet up with old friends. It is also nice to have a really good restaurant that isn't too far away and you can recommend without fear of disappointment. So it was that we headed north through Boxgrove, Duncton, and Petworth on the way towards Chiddingfold. The Gorse Fox had booked a table at The Mulberry Inn and was looking forward to a lovely few hours of good company and good food.

Pete (The Hobbit) and Lynda had arrived just before us, Dave and May arrived soon after.

We spent the following three hours catching up on news, discussing technology, relating anecdotes, debating BREXIT, and working out our plan from world domination.

The Gorse Fox introduced himself to Camilla Hansen (who runs The Mulberry Inn for Chris Evans) as one of her Twitter followers and long term, if irregular, patron. As usual the service was faultless and the food excellent. There was a large tapas platter and some pumpkin bread to start, then, as Friday is pie day, we chose chicken and leek or beef and mushroom pies. Finally there was selection of cheesecakes, sorbets, baked alaska, and ice creams followed by tea and coffee. Perfect.

It's a shame that Lynda and the Hobbit only get a chance to visit occasionally.

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