Sunday, April 24, 2016


This morning saw the Gorse Fox heading across to Littlehampton Town FC. We had a 5-way walking football tournament scheduled and based on the complete lack of organisation, the Gorse Fox thought he's go early to see what was going on. At least the pitches were marked out, but the groundsman still had to put up the goals.

The teams all arrived and finally the ref turned up. The Gorse Fox went to brief the ref on the rules, but he was convinced he knew it all - and it was basically just football. This raised warning flags, which were well-founded.

We had a large squad, but only a couple of our A-team players. This meant that we had to mix in less mobile and less able players into the team. Th games started, and there was a lot of hanging around as each of the 5 teams played each of the other teams. The referee was consistent in his non-application of the walking football rules. This was a problem because the idea is that the proper application of the rules should even out the differences between young teams and the older players.

It was not one of our finest days as we lost all of games. It was good fun, though and the Gorse Fox felt that he had played very well.

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