Monday, April 11, 2016


Jasper woke early.

This meant that the Gorse Fox woke early. He dug in and refused to emerge before seven. This meant that was used as a trampoline for a hungry feline for longer than he felt necessary.

The morning was quiet. Thought there's a football tournament today, the Gorse Fox had declined his place due to the forthcoming trip. In fact the time was used packing and preparing the hand luggage for the journey. Then we went across to a neighbour for coffee and a chat.

The afternoon was slightly busier. We had to take Jasper to the cattery. This can be "tense" as Jasper does not like to change his schedule. He also doesn't like to get in his carrier or travel in the car. We got a lot of verbal abuse right up until we arrived at the cattery. Fortunately, he settled immediately when we arrived. He has, after all, stayed here several times before.

Back home we are ready to rock and already have several events scheduled for the rest of the week.

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