Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Hung up

The Gorse Fox was not going to get hung up on the rain that was forecast, first thing. Indeed he drove through heavy, driving rain as he made his way to Worthing for football. It was so wet as he walked from the car that he took off his glasses (not something he does often). We gathered in reception and twenty minutes later went out to the pitch. By then the rain had stopped and we managed to have a good, dry, hour of football.

Back home there was currency to sort out and the Silver Vixen had bought several pictures whilst out with Urban-Cub yesterday. Lunch first, then the currency, and finally the pictures.

The Gorse Fox put the first one up without incident. The next, however, was triptych. The three panels were packed in portrait form and so the Gorse Fox fitted the various fastenings to the back. It was only when the Silver Vixen was helping the Gorse Fox place them tat she spotted that there was, indeed, a right way and that was to hang them in landscape form. The Gorse Fox removed the fastenings and relocated them all. Then he threaded the picture wire and realised that he only had enough for two of the three. A trip to B&Q rectified that and now, several hours after starting all is well, and the picture are hung up.

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