Friday, April 29, 2016


The Silver Vixen has various ideas for the garden. This got the Gorse Fox thinking. As a result he has now come up with an idea for a new feature which occupied his little grey cells this morning. The screens that he made last year are quite a nice feature and he could create something similar to cover part of the fence. This would be a visual improvement and also provide a feature upon which the Silver Vixen could hang planters. Measuring was done this morning and vertical posts fixed in place. The horizontal slats will need to be ordered as none are left over from last year.

Whilst looking at the garden, the Gorse Fox also measured the top of the bistro table (which was broken during the winter storms). A few minutes with Google and a phone call later, and we have a local company ready to pitch in with a new toughened glass top - in exchange for a few coins of the realm.

It seems that Beloved Aunt managed to finish the set-up of her Kindle. She wrote overnight that she is reading the first chapter of her first e-book. Excellent news, and so much easier for her.

Considerations continue regarding a holiday later in the year. The Gorse Fox has spoken to his travel agent chappie. (This is the chap that the Gorse Fox has dealt with since 2010 for the various Thai holidays - nice bloke and seems to know what's what). He's off doing research and going to come back with some suggestions.

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