Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Another bright, sunny, but cool day. The Gorse Fox had football, as usual for Wednesday. It was a pleasant hour with some good chaps, plenty of banter, and some good football all round.

The Silver Vixen had an appointment for afternoon tea with some of her friends so she has left the Gorse Fox and Jasper to their own devices for the afternoon. Whilst she is being all posh and hoity-toity at some swanky hotel in Worthing, the Gorse Fox is enjoying a quiet afternoon listening to almost limitless supply of music available from Amazon Prime(*). What is nice is that there are some nicely curated playlists of smooth jazz and blues that you can select and then sit back and enjoy. One very good list featured the music used in the TV series Bosch and set the bar quite hight for all the others. So far, the Gorse Fox has not been disappointed.

A quick trip to Sainsbury's saw the Gorse Fox stock up on lentils. He enjoys lentil curry, and as the Silver Vixen said she was unlikely to want anything when she gets in, it seems like an ideal opportunity to experiment.

(*) The Gorse Fox subscribes to Amazon Prime and the music has been available for quite a while. It is only in the last few days, however, that it has been fully released to work on the SONOS sound system. There are other streaming services, such as Spotify or Deezer, but the Gorse Fox already pays for Amazon Prime and wasn't willing to subscribe to the others (though free versions do exist but again do not work with the SONOS, except for introductory periods).

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