Monday, April 04, 2016

Communication overload

The Gorse Fox seems to have spent much of the day dealing with email and other admin.

The email all started with a note from the group that organises walking football across the country. It was a long mail and well considered. It was picking up on several of the issues that we had raised earlier in the year. Issues such as poor refereeing, running, excess physicality, and no rule standardisation. The Gorse Fox passed the note on to the team and that stirred things up and poked the hornet's nest. Then, we had confirmation of thednate for a forthcoming friendly. Again that stirred up a flurry of emails over the squad, the time and the location. Spreadsheets and discussion groups were updated and it all made up a very busy morning.

In parallel with this, the Gorse Fox was focussing on the admin around the forthcoming trip to Canada. Forex needed to be sorted out, e-tickets printed, details of car rental, details of hotel, and so forth. All in all, this was busy day.

Amazon delivered a new book, first thing. Yesterday, there was a documentary on the BBC regarding Welchman. He was an unsung hero of Bletchley Park. The documentary was so good, that the Gorse Fox immediately ordered his book. He's looking forward to devouring this as it is clearly going to be interesting.

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