Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bright Start

There's a lovel bright start to the day here in Toronto. Yesterday was all about getting here. Today is about getting set up. 

So, having had a very comfortable flight and trouble-free journey from the airport (despite arrive in rush-hour) we settled in to the hotel. 
Little Sis and Trev, who have been here for a few days met up and we headed off for dinner. Baton Rouge was an excellent restaurant with the usual selection of Canadian and American eats. 

The Gorse Fox went for a small rack of ribs (he was too tired to eat the large one), and the Silver Vixen a salad. Trevor and the Gorse Fox examined the local drought beer, then re-examined it after the first examination was complete. Finally we moved on, ducking into the pathways and subways that allow the locals to get about during the downtown during the winter without surfacing. This led us into the Eaton Centre and then through the Hudsons Bay Company back to our hotel.

Today's plan is to grab some breakfast the go and get the hire-car. Then we'll mooch around the shops for the rest of the morning before heading up to see Beloved Aunt this afternoon. Big family dinner planned at local restaurant this evening.

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