Thursday, April 14, 2016

Beloved Aunt

So we arrived at the home of Beloved Aunt. It is like a huge high-class hotel with suites as opposed to rooms. It provides common rooms where the residents can meet and have their meals or greet visitors and then the accommodation which includes a spa, a swimming pool, a gym and heaven's knows what else. It looks like the perfect "assisted living" set up. BA, tolerates it, but still hankers after her own total independence. Deep down, she knows that she is better off there, however.

Agent Mulder was there when we arrived. He had flown in from business on the west coast, en route to home in Connecticutt. We spent several hours just catching up with everybody's news and everybody's families. It was a lovely relaxed afternoon and the Gorse Fox took the opportunity to set up BA's iPad with FaceTime so that we could keep in touch.

Early evening we drove round to a little Italian restaurant a few block away. It had obviously become a firm family favourite and we were joined by Miss Ellie and her Ross-family. We had a lovely meal and at the end, BA had clearly had a very good time. It was lovely to all get together, and we have agreed to have lunch with the Ross contingent on Friday. Agent Mulder headed for the airport. Family-Ross headed home, Trevor took us and we dropped BA back at her place and then Trev, Sis, the Silver Vixen and the Gorse Fox headed back to the hotel.

Lovely day.

Now to see what today has to bring. It certainly looks like a lovely bright start.

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