Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Wet not Yet

The Gorse Fox had warned the team that if the weather was too bad, he wouldn't be playing today. He is not going to take any chances as he is beginning to feel better. 

As it turned out, the forecast rain had stopped by early morning and it was bright and sunny. The Gorse Fox went along for the game, and had a very good session. Strangely, we had gone for months without loosing any balls, but as commented before, we have lost a few recently. So it was that "the Club" bought some new balls and gave one to the Gorse Fox as a replacement. Twenty minutes later, the new ball had been hoofed up onto the roof of the Spots Centre - and as the only chap allowed to retrieve them is off-sick, the ball remains on the roof.

On another matter - the new by-pass is great, cutting a huge diversion off the route.

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