Thursday, March 03, 2016


It appears that there were number of incidents at last Monday's tournament... this included two players from one team being sent off and their team being disqualified. There was also some issues where the referee was abused. The Gorse Fox was horrified to find that his team had been named as one that abused the referee.

The Gorse Fox sent an all hands email. He explained his displeasure in no uncertain terms, then went on to say that if, in future, players were not willing to play nicely, fairly, and respectfully (towards other players and the referee) - then he would be withdrawing from the club. It seems to him that this is meant to be a sport... and be played in a sportsmanlike fashion - and that does not include any aspect of "gamesmanship".

Emails are trickling back in, supporting the position Gorse Fox has taken.

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