Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Girls

The Gorse Fox has had a day focussed on the girls. A chunk of the morning was spent online with Cousteau-Cub. She has been building a new website for her Yoga - specifically for a retreat she is organising for October. The site looks very good and the Gorse Fox helped get the domain name sorted out. So, go and look at and if you fancy a relaxing and spiritual few days on the beach overlooking the Andaman Sea, then do get in touch.

Soon after the discussion finished with Cousteau-Cub, Urban-Cub arrived. She had a few days off before her next shift. Again, we started with sorting out some computer stuff then had a few hours of chat hearing all about what goes on at Gatwick and all her family news. The latest plan from her neck of the woods is to put her flat back on the market. Hopefully, this will be more successful than last time.

We put the heating on in the Orangery, but it wasn't really warm enough to sit out all afternoon. We gave it a while, but in the end the Gorse Fox lit the (gas) fire in the lounge. He's glad that he now has that sorted out. It made all the difference to the afternoon as the temperature is such that it isn't quite kicking the central heating into life, though it was needed (unlike Thailand, where Cousteau-Cub was telling us that it was 47C today).

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