Thursday, March 31, 2016


The Ford Football Arena used to be our usual venue for walking football. It was a huge hangar which had been adapted to provide a number of indoor 3G football pitches. The guy that used to run it went out of business.

Over the intervening months, some local businessmen have acquired the facility and given it a major facelift. The pitches have been resurfaced and the public areas have been completely redesigned and rebuilt. The facility is now called the Arun Sports Arena and is getting ready for its grand opening. Arun Amblers were invited to tour the facility today and we were all very impressed. They have signed up some major local football teams to use the facility - and even a London based Premiership team will be using it for one of the foundation squads.

This looks as if it will be a good new home for Arun Amblers and we have been invited to play as part of the grand opening event. On top of the sports side of things it looks as if it will be a good social space, also. It has a bar, kitchen, full-time receptionist, and even a multi-media meeting room.

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