Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Slowly, slowly

Still slowly improving. At least there were only two nocturnal interrupts last night. (Shame we are not programmable, as I'd mask the interrupt bit).

Another surprise phone call.

"Hello, it's Sharon, from xxy; we've been researching your PPI claims".

"Oh yes" said Gorse Fox knowing what to expect.

"As you know we have been unable to trace any PPI for your various accounts" she said

"Well that is what I told you from the start. I was always careful to ensure I was not being sucked into anything like that" the Gorse Fox countered.

"Well, we wondered if you had been back through any old documents that may reveal you were missed?"

Brain started to process "What part of I was always careful not to get conned...." but then one's natural politeness started the mouth overriding the brain. "No, and I don't expect to find anything. I assume this saga is now over"

Actually letting one of these companies research into (even non-existent) PPI claims does seem to stop the incessant phone calls we used to get.

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