Saturday, March 05, 2016

Loft Space

One of the by-products of the enhanced insulation provided in modern houses is that the loft space is not quite such a convenient dumping ground. The important thing is to proven the insulation becoming compressed. Now, there are solutions that allow you to use posts to elevate a false floor above the joists... but these would also encourage the hoarding of unused material.

The Gorse Fox has come up with a solution that allows suitcases to be stored without damage to the insulation - hooks!  He has fitted a number of hooks to the roof trusses and hangs the suitcases fro the hooks.

This got him thinking. He need to install a network switch in the loft... some why not adapt a similar strategy. To that end he has constructed a shelf that fits between the trusses and allows easy access to the switch without worrying about all the underfoot insulation.

Gorse Fox is sitting waiting for Amazon to deliver the new extension lead. Otherwise, he knows that as soon as he heads into the loft, the front door bell will ring, and he's never get back down in time to answer. (Also the length of the extension will dictate the final position of the shelf).

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