Monday, March 21, 2016


What a super day.

We all met app at the local station and took the train up to London. By the time we got to the Ideal Home Show we were gasping so started with a trip to the tea rooms for a suitable refreshment. After that we split up with a plan to reconvene in 2 hours.

The Silver Vixen and Gorse Fox wandered off. We didn't have a specific objective other than looking at some garden furniture and the Gorse Fox wanted to look at a new 28cm casserole pan/dish. We zigged then zagged and bit by bit made our way round the whole ground floor. Then we headed upstairs and continued our zigging and zagging.

There was a huge selection of things to see and we stopped here and there to view this or that. The Gorse Fox found the cookware and selected the pan he wanted. German made, titanium coated and sporting a life time guarantee.

We headed back to the meeting point and we all made a beeline for the food stands to grab some lunch. The Silver Vixen and the Gorse Fox seemed to do well by selecting the hog roast rolls.  The rest of the Sonning Crusties went for some Posh Sausages and seemed to be disappointed with their choices.

We split up again with a plan to reconvene at 1700. We enjoyed another loop round the exhibition and spent some time looking at built-in cookers and microwave ovens. Though there were some good offers we felt that there was further research required.

At 1700 we met up and headed for the train. The trains seemed quieter than the Gorse Fox had expected, which was a good thing. We had a fairly comfortable trip and were back in Bognor soon after 1900. A table was booked at the local Indian restaurant to finish the day.


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