Saturday, March 12, 2016


The data cabling left two huge holes in the study wall. This morning the Gorse Fox has started to deal with these. Firstly, he had to get some of the deep hole filler, but that was soon sorted with a trip to B&Q.

Then it was a matter of creating a backing against which the filler could be a applied. A few minutes thought and the Gorse Fox came up with some wood with "No More Nails". This was attached to another piece of wood with a long screw. Once inserted into the hole, and manoeuvred into position, the screw was tightened to hold the wood in place until the adhesive had set. A while later the deep holes were a lot more shallow as they were backed with wood. The filler was layered into the holes and the Gorse Fox now awaits the layers to set, before applying the next.

Meanwhile, the Gorse Fox checked the house "spec" to determine the exact shade of paint used in the study. It turned out that it was a trade mix unavailable at the local DIY superstores. This meant a trip to Chi to visit Brewers and get a pot of the paint mixed.

Doctors and ambulances have been coming an going all day to one of our elderly neighbours. The Gorse Fox took her daughter to the local pharmacy mid-morning, but notices that the ambulance is back  now. Pneumonia can be so devastating for such an elderly, frail lady. Let's hope they have intervened soon enough.

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