Sunday, March 20, 2016

Game off

No football today. There were insufficient players available to form two teams.

The Gorse Fox is spending some time looking into the options for the forthcoming In-Out Referendum. Despite the white noise coming from the politicians on both sides, there does seem to be an interesting paper looking at the "exit" options. The Gorse Fox is about half-way through this so far;

The Gorse Fox is stil ambivalent over the forthcoming vote. Philosophically he feels that closer integration should be a good thing, but practically feels that the EU is essentially undemocratic as it is run by unelected "commissioners". If we had genuinely got some sensible concessions out of the recent renegotiations, then the Gorse Fox thinks it would be a "slam-dunk" for "Stay". In practice, there were no concessions (as confirmed by various politicians across the EU). This means that there is a serious decision to be made and at present the arguments for "Stay" are, at best, very weak and based on fear-mongering.

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