Friday, March 25, 2016

Caught out

As readers will know the Sonning Crusties visited the Ideal Home Show on Monday. At the the Show, Chris & Maureen bought some chorizo and pointed it out to the Gorse Fox. The Gorse Fox found the stall and tried the sample. It was delicious. He too bought some.

Yesterday, the doorbell rang. It was Chris. Had we tried the chorizo yet? The Gorse Fox explained that his had been stored in the freezer. Chris complained that his didn't taste like the sample, wasn't really suitable for cooking (as we both often use it as a spice/condiment), and Maureen had been unwell after eating it. Not a good advert. He brought over a chunk and left it for the Gorse Fox to try. At lunchtime he sliced it finely and tried it with some crisp bread and cream cheese. It was, as suspected, nothing like the sample - but to be fair, was very nice. The main comment from the Gorse Fox is that it was more like the texture of a salami than chorizo.

Another part of the Ideal Home trip was to look at some replacement cookers. Though ours are relatively new, the combo oven is the most user-hostile device in the house. (As explained before, even neighbours come to ask the Gorse Fox how to use it). This morning the Silver Vixen and the Gorse Fox decided to have a wander round Curry's and any other suitable store to look for examples of our favoured replacement. Curry's turned out to be a dead loss - though the we-site showed the devices the store didn't have any for us to examine. We headed for Bognor Regis and the store that the Gorse Fox visited several weeks back. In the end, though we didn't see the exact models, we did get some detailed and excellent advice from the staff in two separate and competing stores. Still a few things to sort out, but looking good.

We stopped at a local restaurant for lunch. It was busy, but not rammed. The menu was extensive and it took us quite a while to make our selection. The Gorse Fox headed for the counter to place his order. He joined the queue which edged forward, slowly. Finally he reached the head of queue. "Hello, we are at table 22, I would like to order" explained the Gorse Fox.
"Hello" said the chap "I just need to warn you that there is a minimum of one hour to wait for food".
"I don't think so" said the Gorse Fox and he and the Silver Vixen left and grabbed a KFC on the way home.

It was 29c in the Orangery this afternoon. Delightful. Shame the weather is forecast to collapse over night.

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