Thursday, March 10, 2016

Cable guys

The cable guys have arrived. The Gorse Fox explained the route for the riser to the loft space. That seemed quite straightforward, though they do have to distinguish between two separate cables. This is not beyond the wit of man.

The drop from the loft to the lounge was quite straightforward, and the drop to the kitchen should be fiddly but possible. (It's a good job they are no big lads as the space within which they will need to work is fairly tight.

The big challenge was the study. The Plan A was to come through the outer wall, but as the house is tile-hung, this was sub-optimal. Plan B (which was the Gorse Fox's preferred plan) was to use the existing TV socket in the study. This turned out to be troublesome. The aerial cable dropped down to the "man cave" not up to the loft. Then it was a matter of finding a route behind the plasterboard up to the loft. Needless to say, despite the hollow sound, there were blockages. In the end the Gorse Fox has decided they can cut the plaster board and run the cable, and the Gorse Fox will patch it and repaint afterwards.

Oh well, it'll be good when it's done, though the network map for the house is now beginning to look quite complex.

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