Saturday, March 26, 2016

13A or 16A

The thing about replacing an oven, or a combo is determining the ancillary changes that may be necessary. Examining the devices we currently favour means that two shelves in our housing unit may need to to be moved, and the existing electrical spurs may need to be upgraded to 16A from the current 13A supply.

The former is something the Gorse Fox could do, the latter needs and electrician. Even moving the shelves may not be straightforward as they may be dowelled and the dwell may be metal rather than wood. The Gorse Fox spent an hour or so this morning looking through the build specifications for the house, but there was no document that explained the actual construction of the kitchen housings. This will evidently have to be "try it and see". For this reason, the Gorse Fox is thinking that he will get the whole thing done by the installers... assuming, of course, that we decide to go ahead with the change.

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