Monday, February 01, 2016


Though we were able to field a good team for today's tournament, we didn't win. In fact we only won one of our games, drew a couple and lost a couple. Frustrating, but that's the way it goes sometimes. It was interesting to hear the reports from the Lancing team of their participation in the FA People's Cup. Clearly, they had a very similar experience to ours, last year. They found a wide range of ages, no attempt to stop people people from running, and a very physical approach to the game. On top of that, one player from another team collapsed with a heart attack. All in all, the Gorse Fox is glad that Arun decided not to participate this year.

After a quiet afternoon, where the Silver Vixen spent the hours searching through her fabric stash for the right colours for her next project, the Gorse Fox realised that he had not retrieved anything from the freezer for supper. Not a problem. We both quite fancied a Chinese. We searched through the menu and checked the calorie and fat content of various dishes, eventually decided on the optimum menu. It was at that point that the Gorse Fox phoned through to realise they were closed on Monday.

The process started again. Indian it is then!

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