Monday, February 29, 2016

Ring, ring.

The phone rang. It caught the Gorse Fox by surprise as his mobile tends to be an output device more than an input receiver. He answered.
"It's Craig, from your electricity supplier. I see you have chosen to leave us. Can I ask why?"

The Gorse Fox pondered, resisted the temptation to get smart, and played a straight bat: "Well I used the price comparison sites and found I could save £350 per year"

"Can I discuss a new tariff with you and convince you to remain?" asked Craig.

(Brain whirred - if they had a better tariff, why did they not offer it from that start - particularly when their documentation said the Gorse Fox was on their best tariff).

"No. The decision has been made. It will be reviewed this time next year and whoever has the best tariff will get the business"

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