Thursday, February 04, 2016

Our Swedish Friends

Thursday started with the furry alarm clock licking the Gorse Fox at about seven o'clock. He stumbled out of bed and made the first coffee of the day, then started on his early morning reading. Jasper may demand feeding at seven, but he gets nothing until seven-forty.

A session on the running machine preceded breakfast and the second coffee, then the Gorse Fox started on the weekly admin. Once that was done and the nice man from Ocado had delivered the weekly shop, we headed off. It was time for another visit to our Swedish friends in Southampton. Who says that retirees don't know how to have fun!

Parking up in IKEA we made short work of the maze in order to get to the storage units. The Silver Vixen needed to replace a set of wire baskets which were well past their best and leaning dangerously. We decided on a replacement storage unit to match that which she already has against the other wall. Like all trips to IKEA, other bits and pieces were collected as we traversed the maze, and, of course, we stopped in the restaurant for tea, coffee, and a snack before continuing the trek.

After 3 hours the goods were paid for, the car parking ticket stamped, and we were on our way home. A very satisfying trip inasmuch as we got everything we had set out to buy, and we had also seen a credible replacement for the floating shelves that are in the Silver Vixen's sewing room at present. (The Gorse Fox has never like these as they do not seem to sit tightly against the brackets).

Back home, everything is sitting at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for the Gorse Fox to start work on it tomorrow. (There's no sense in having all the fun, excitement, and adventure in one day, if it can be spread over two).

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