Saturday, February 13, 2016


It was pretty foul, first thing. There a chill wind and incessant rain. No too bad if you plan to stay in the warm, but the Gorse Fox had an appointment in Chi, and the Silver Vixen wanted to pick up some bits and bobs whilst we were out. Fortunately, the bad weather seems to have kept the throng at bay and it was fairly easy to find a parking spot and head into town. We split up and the Gorse Fox explained he would track down the Silver Vixen when he had finished his appointment.

Third of forty minutes later the Gorse Fox switched on "Find my Friends" on his phone and it led him straight to the door of Boots, two minutes later the Silver Vixen emerged from said emporium and the Gorse Fox ticked off another positive effect of technology.

Before we had gone out, the Gorse Fox had asked a neighbour if they would be around in case Amazon turned up with the cordless saw. As it happened, Amazon didn't arrive until mid-afternoon, long after we were home.

The Gorse Fox is now the proud owner of a striking lemon-lime coloured cordless circular saw.


Anonymous said...

do you have another project planned?

The Gorse Fox said...

No specific project, though it will come in handy for some shelves that need to be installed in the loft. They will hold a network switch so that I can distribute fast ethernet round to various parts of the house.