Sunday, February 21, 2016

Can we have our ball back?

Last week the Gorse Fox lost one of his footballs. It was hoofed over the fence of the Sports Centre into an area that was inaccessible. It was an old ball, so the Gorse Fox wasn't to worried. It had certainly seen better times and at the time it made its bid for freedom, it had a huge flap hanging off one side. The Gorse Fox just wrote it off.

Jack presented the Gorse Fox with a replacement (bran new) ball during the week. He blew it up to the right pressure and set off of today's game. One of the first arrivals today was a new chap, we'll call him Pete Brown (because that's his name). By half way through the first half, he had hoofed the Gorse Fox's other old ball over the fence. It had gone to meet its twin.

We grabbed the new ball and carried on playing. Half way through the second half he had hoofed that ball out of the football cage into the tennis courts. This was not an auspicious start to his participation.

When the match was over, the Gorse Fox grabbed the Sports Centre chappy and managed to retrieve the new ball from the tennis courts... but search as he may, he could not find the first ball in the school grounds beyond. If anyone sees a black and yellow ball making a break for the border - you know where it came from. As far as the Gorse Fox is concerned, it's another write-off!

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