Sunday, February 14, 2016


It was early, grey, and wet when Jasper decided to drag the Gorse Fox from beneath the covers. As the early morning progressed the rain stopped, the breeze dropped, and the sun came out. So it was that the Gorse Fox, whilst expect a wet game. ended up with a very bright and sunny hour of football. This included a very nice goal from the Gorse Fox in the 10-8 win.

Back home the Silver Vixen had been on the treadmill and was heading for the sewing room. There was much to do. The Gorse Fox showered and settled down for some reading.

The doorbell rang. It was Chris asking if we could come out to play. The Silver Vixen was engrossed, but the Gorse Fox had nothing specific in mind. We headed up to the Pink Pub with Trudy, Ian, and Maureen. An hour or so later, with the requisite amount of beer consumed and the world put to rights, we headed home. This is a weekend habit to which the Gorse Fox could easily become accustomed.

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