Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wet, wet, wet

Well as storm Jonas hit the UK we received high winds and driving rain. If the Gorse Fox had been indoors this would have been perfectly acceptable. As it was, he was committed to football. At ten he had an hour with Arun Amblers. Despite wearing two base layers, a football shirt and a waterproof jacket, he was soaked to the skin in the 6-2 win that whiled away an hour.

Next he changed shirts and become one of the Southdowns Sharks (a nice grey and black vertical striped shirt). The Gorse Fox took up his usual position at the centre of defence. The rain continued to  drive through every layer of clothing. Despite all the running around, the Gorse Fox was frozen by the end of the two games... both of which we lost.

He had a dry top that he could wear whilst driving home, but was very glad to get into a hot bath and have a good soak when he got home.

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