Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tripping Out

Today was a long day. The Gorse Fox and Silver Vixen had an appointment with a solicitor in the Midlands. It was regarding our participation in a class-action suit and really required our presence to be interviewed and have statements taken. This meant a three hour drive there and again back again. The Gorse Fox has got out of the habit of driving such distances in a day, and now he's home, he has all the charisma and intellect that you would find in a zombie.

Despite the length of the drive it was not a wasted day and the traffic was fairly benign in our direction... though it looked positively malevolent heading north past Oxford as we headed south towards home.

The Gorse Fox has always had the presence of mind to keep the phone numbers of the Chinese and Indian restaurants and the Fish & Chip Shop on his phone. This meant that as we dropped round Chichester we could phone ahead and order our fish & chips; this was timed to perfection as he was just taking the fish out of the fryer and the Gorse Fox entered the shop.

Long day.

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