Monday, January 18, 2016


It was the first tournament of the year. We had a strong team to field (if not quite our strongest). Things did not, however, go to plan. We started with a 0-0 draw and this was followed by losing 1-0 in following 2 games. Finally we recovered our defensive mojo (without finding our scoring mojo). The last three games were all 0-0... though the Gorse Fox did have a long range shot tipped past the post.

Oh well, better luck next time.

The Gorse Fox stopped off to see Urban-cub on the way home. She was struggling with some decisions regarding houses, flats, and so forth. The Gorse Fox was there to listen and give advice if necessary. In the end, she had already come to the right conclusion, but was relieved that Dad agreed. Had a lovely couple of hours with her and then headed home. (After spending nearly an hour on the phone to Cousteau-cub yesterday, and seeing Urban-cub today, the Gorse Fox is feeling very content).

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