Thursday, January 28, 2016


After yesterday's drenching rain, we woke up to clear blue skies today. It's cool, but a blue sky always seems to make the heart soar.

The Gorse Fox has made the most of an Admin morning. He has been reviewing the current tariffs for the supply of gas and electricity and managed to find several that are significantly cheaper than that charged by our current supplier. Fingers flew across the spreadsheet and the online forms, In no time the Gorse Fox was dealing with a user-hostile form that kept re-seeting his entries if he made any mistake. Eventually, with expletives being uttered soto voce, the form was complete and the process has begun. He is "tied in" for 1 year, but that is not really a significant issue. The penalty for leaving early is not too much... and at this point the Gorse Fox isn't interested in leaving early, anyway.

As a point of satisfaction the Gorse Fox would note that the energy consumption here is less than half of what we used to pay in Kingston Gorse.

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