Sunday, January 17, 2016

Snow? No!

The forecast had been for a corridor of snow to hit the country. We were at the edge of the forecast area, but woke up to a grey morning with no sign of anything other than some light rain. The Gorse Fox is not complaining, mind you. The microclimate we get in this corner of the country, generally speaking, seems even better than it used to be in Kingston Gorse.

Had a pleasant hour down at the pub with the male members of the Sonning Crew yesterday evening. A panic text message had arrived, clearly someone needed to get some time away, so we tottered off to the Pink Pub. Several pints later (alcohol-free in the case of the Gorse Fox) we wandered back. It had been perfectly timed as The Silver Vixen was just pulling the Gorse Fox's curry from the oven as he came through the door.

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