Friday, January 22, 2016


Well the rogue warning light turned out to be a faulty sensor. This was duly replaced and the Gorse Fox was on his way.

Today has been dedicated to domestic items... making up another batch of muesli (and calculating the calorie and fat content of each portion); there was also a pressing need for a little bit or ironing which was soon cleared.

The Gorse Fox spent some time working out why his podcasts wouldn't patch through to the Sonos. Once he had linked to the correct library and refreshed the index everything burst into life. This was important so that he could listen to podcasts when on the running machine. He finds that his ear plugs keep working loose and he has to keep wedging them back into his ears. This way he can just use the Sonos speakers.

He has decided that dinner tonight will be riddled cod on a Thai noodle salad. This meant that a trip to Sainsbury's was required to top up on a few bits an pieces. Talk about living on the edge! Is there no end to the excitement and adrenalin rush of retirement?

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