Friday, January 08, 2016


The Gorse Fox and Silver Vixen headed for Southampton. The Apple website had said he could get the battery on his phone changed, so he had booked it in, so to do. He thought that, whilst there, he would evaluate the larger format iPhone and have a mooch about.

Well, despite the Apple website saying his phone could be provided with a new battery the Genius (!) at the counter said it couldn't. It was part of the faulty batch, but was over 3 years old. He did offer to do the replacement for a mere £60. The Gorse Fox politely told him where he could stick it and suggested they get the website updated.

He then returned to the nice lady who had greeted him on entry to the store and after a long chat traded-in the old phone and replaced it with the newer, larger format phone (which the Gorse Fox would probably have done anyway, but felt a degree of satisfaction that the battery in the traded-in phone was duff).

It may be a bit of a trek to Southampton, but the Gorse Fox does find it one of the better shopping experiences... and on a day like today was only about 50 minutes each way.

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