Monday, January 25, 2016


It was a glorious start to the day. Stunning red skies greeted the dawn. The Gorse Fox fed the cat and grabbed his first coffee before getting on to the running machine for some quality time with podcasts and perspiration.

We met up with Urban-cub and Pistol Pete at the Gribble Inn for lunch. It was, as usual, delicious. We all had a very tasty lunch and caught up on all the news. The Gribble has a limited menu but whatever you choose seems superb.

The sound bar that Gorse Fox ordered over the weekend arrived this morning. He got it for a good price, further discounted by an Amazon £10 voucher. It took a few minutes and a couple of false starts to get it connected to the TV, but it's ow working well and seems to deliver a much clearer and much richer sound than the TV's inbuilt speakers.

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