Friday, January 29, 2016


STorm Gertrude is giving the North a right battering. Here we have strong winds, but nothing too troublesome.

The Silver Vixen had to go into Chichester this morning, so the Gorse Fox took the opportunity to head into Rustington and get his hair cut. After, he strolled round the village to see if anything had changed since we left.  Nothing. No change. Shame, really as it's a lovely little town and needs some variety, some store that will attract people to visit.

Back home, the Gorse Fox had some lunch then made some time to go for a walk and see the recently opened parts of the development. He did notice that the plot that he and the Silver Vixen had originally looked at, has now been built - and has a double garage. Frustrating really as we really wanted a double. However, if we had been round there, we woudn't have the lovely neighbours we have here.

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