Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Data Cabling - Plan B

The Gorse Fox had arranged for some Digital Monkeys to come an install some data cabling. The route to be used was indoors so they had to order some white cable. Finally their supplier delivered and today they arrived to do the work. The Gorse Fox explained, again, what he wanted and his ideas regarding how it might be done. He also showed several alternatives. The chap reviewed the options and chose the alternative cabling route. The problem with this is that it required black cable and they didn't have sufficient on the van. Work agreed, they are re-scheduling the job and will return to fix the cable to the loft, the switch, and the cables from the switch to Gorse Fox's study and the living room.

All of this was a distraction that kept the Gorse Fox from football, but given the torrential rain we had this morning, he is not too upset.

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