Saturday, January 02, 2016


The morning started with the furry alarm cat slapping the Gorse Fox round the face and trying to pull his arm off the pillow. Oh well, he needs to be fed by eight, so Gorse Fox got his own back by keeping him waiting whilst drinking his own coffee and reading his emails.

Late morning, the text message arrived from John Lewis. The MacBook Air that had been ordered for the Silver Vixen had arrived at the Chichester store. We grabbed the coats and headed for the store. The retails park was heaving and cars were queueing to get in and to get out. We headed for the far end of the car park, knowing most people were too damn lazy to walk an extra 30 yards. Sure enough we found a space without any trouble.

After wandering round John Lewis' checking what the sales had to offer we picked up the new computer and headed home. As you would expect, it was switched on and running within a couple of minutes. The Gorse Fox then spent an hour customising it for the Silver Vixen. All done without incident. If only all computer were as easy to use.

The Gorse Fox still has a couple of things to set up in order to satisfy his paranoia regarding data security and backup. There is no hurry, however.

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