Wednesday, December 30, 2015


One of the gifts that Gorse Fox received for Christmas was a new skin-tight base-layer long sleeved vest. Jasper the cat dug the Gorse Fox out of bed soon after seven and as it was a little cool, Gorse Fox decided to don his football gear. He stood in the kitchen and pulled the vest over his head. He slipped his arms into the sleeves and that was where he got stuck. It was so tight that he couldn't pull the vest down, it was stuck round his chest and the slightly rubberised texture was making it difficult to go any further. He stood there giggling, with his arms in the air, seemingly trapped in that position until the Silver Vixen came down. In the end, a little patience and some careful wriggling and rolling provided enough movement for the vest to be pulled down. (He would add that once on, it was immensely comfortable).

Later the Gorse Fox headed off for the football. There was a good turn out and we had a good game, though Gorse Fox's team lost this week. More satisfying, however, was the fact that the pulls and strains of previous weeks seem to have eased.

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