Friday, December 11, 2015

Good Evening and Good Day

We joined with the neighbours at the Development's Christmas drinks and carols event. This was fun and gave us all a chance to drink some mulled wine, eat some sausage rolls and mince pies, and have a chat. In the background, there was the general cacophony of Christmas music. When we had finished there, we formed a splinter group and made our way first to the pub, then on to Indian. It was lovely evening... and all within easy walking distance.

Today has been spent fiddling with the computers, without making huge strides forward. The Gorse Fox also spent a chunk of time talking to Vodafone. He was trying to negotiate a deal whereby he replaced his phone with anew phone but maintained a sensible monthly payment. His idea was to increase the upfront charge for the handset to offset the reduction of monthly tariff. He did manage to get a decent deal, but not a great deal... so he declined. It isn't something that is urgent.

The Gorse Fox is also having some internal network problems at home. This is primarily related to power line network he uses to distribute the fabric around the house. In a fit of pique he has phoned a chappy to see about getting some proper cabling installed from the "man-cave" to the study. Hopefully he will be along on Monday to quote for the work.

The Silver Vixen was out for lunch with some friends today, so the Gorse Fox and Jasper the Cat have been left in charge. As Jasper is asleep on the bed, the Gorse Fox assumes he is now in charge until Jasper gets up again.

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