Monday, December 21, 2015

First Load

Christmas menus have been developed and the shopping lists written. The first load of Christmas shopping has been done. Most will be delivered by Mr Ocado, but there were some things that the Gorse Fox and the Silver Vixen wanted to select ourselves. Fortunately, the Nectar points that have accumulated through the year paid for at least half of the trolley-load. We were expecting the store to be rammed, but actually it was quite civilised and once finished, we went straight to the checkout without any queue.

After some very heavy rain during the night, it is a fairly grey, wet, and miserable day - must be like living in the North. Talking of the North. The rail link between Gatwick and London will be closed for 10 days over the holiday period... that effectively cuts off the North, except by car!

Hotel booked in the Cotswolds for late January; it's Beck's birthday and seems like a sensible occasion for an overnight stay.

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