Tuesday, December 22, 2015

90 Minutes

The Gorse Fox only managed 90 minutes of the two hours of football today. Whilst the strain which developed on Sunday was less acute, he was still having trouble and still couldn't kick with his right foot. It was incredibly windy and very wet when we first started, but it soon dried up and the sun came out for a while. Oh well, lets see how he feels in the morning and see if he can play tomorrow.

The traffic on the way back from Worthing was dreadful so the Gorse Fox diverted to the A27 and pottered home the long way. Apparently they are going to dual the carriageways on the A259 between Angmering and Littlehampton. It'll be chaos while they do the work, but the finished job should be a huge improvement.

Urban Cub popped in with some Xmas bits. We won't actually see her until Sunday as she is on duty on Christmas day.

Ian, from next door, has just popped in with some home made sausages. The Gorse Fox looks forward to trying them. They look excellent. Meanwhile, the bread maker is preparing a loaf of us - it's obviously time to start on some recipes and prep.

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