Sunday, November 01, 2015

Trying it on

A foggy start to the day, but as the Gorse Fox's knee is still a bit unstable, he stayed home instead of trying to hobble round the football pitch.

We have started to dig out clothes for our forthcoming trip. This, of course, meant trying some of them on and determining if they had shrunk whilst stored away. The Silver Vixen is still excavating her way through a pile a of clothes, but the Gorse Fox has done his check and resolved to travel light. Having said that, he has been digging out the various bits of tech, the cables, the adaptors, and heaven's knows what else that he will take.

Talking of tech, the Gorse Fox uses iCloud to sync a few files between his laptop and his Mac. For the last few days this has been playing up with some Excel spreadsheets. Whilst accessible on the Mac, they wouldn't start up on the laptop. He's solved the problem for now by using his Dropbox instead. This seems to have restored the ability to sync between the devices and manage the spreadsheets from either.

At the beginning of each month the Gorse Fox reads the meters. This is so he can keep a check on things and hopefully notice if anything is going awry. (A neighbour, for example had a water leak and the utility company were trying to charge him several thousand pounds for what turned out to be a fault in the initial connection of the pipes outside the house - this is now being picked up by the developer). Anyway, it is clear to see the change in the weather over the last month or so, as the gas consumption has started to rise, and, now that the clocks have changed, the electricity consumption is edging upwards - though the Gorse Fox has to recognise that the saw used for the decking probably contributed to this.

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