Thursday, November 05, 2015


Sometimes you have to wonder what your mind is doing. The Gorse Fox woke up having had (what he hopes was) a dream. Firstly he should make clear that we have a very small front garden which has no fences and no screens and no grass. In his dream it was The Silver Vixen's birthday and he was startled by the doorbell. He went to the back door (where we have no doorbell), then realising this, went to the front. Some chaps had taken down our fence and almost destroyed our screen (neither of which we have, remember). If this wasn't bad enough, they were delivering a large, live bull elephant out of the back of a truck. On further investigation the Gorse Fox saw that the delivery had already started and we already had an elephant calf and a baby rhino in the front garden, grazing on the grass (that we don't have). The Gorse Fox is not sure what he had been ingesting overnight, but whatever it was could be worth collecting and marketing.

Much of the day has been spent working on the ideas that came out of yesterday's frustration. As a result the Gorse Fox has built a new Raspberry Pi Model 2 and set it up as a private WordPress server. At this point there is an empty blog there - but that's all. Before he ventures to much further, he needs to take a further backup image (so that he can get back to this clean point if he cocks things up as he proceeds further). However, he's very pleased with the progress so far.

At lunch time the Gorse Fox and The Silver Vixen popped to Oving for lunch at the Gribble Inn. As before it was very welcoming and and the food was excellent. We both had a fish platter - smoked salmon, fish cake, smoked mackerel, crayfish tails, whitebait and some crusty bread. Absolutely delicious and a portion large enough that we will need no further sustenance today.

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